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Fg Famous – IN DA NAME OF 23

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Fg Famous drops a new video for the song “IN DA NAME OF 23”

Fg Famous caused a lot of emotions these days when he released a new song just over a week ago of the visual for the song In Da Name Of 23 was on August 1, 2022. The video is on the FG Famous official YouTube channel. Due to the great interest in this song, the visual was watched by over 2.3 million people, leaving many emotional messages. Because of the painful subject and many sad words that Fg Famous delivered in this song, the song became even more popular.

The tragic and unfortunate event that marked the past few days shook all fans of rap music. Namely, on July 27, 2022, the famous young rapper JayDaYoungan was killed in his hometown in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The young rapper was killed after five years of a successful career, while his father, who was injured, survived. After this tragic event, the police started investigating the persons responsible for this event.

While the police are investigating this murder, JayDaYoungan’s brother released a new visual three days immediately after his death that caused a lot of attention from the audience. He dedicated the song to his brother.

The visual begins with a very poignant short broadcast of this news as breaking news in all media. After that, the visual continues through many sad shots where you can see messages, pictures of JayDaYoungan as a baby and many balloons left by his fans. With the scenes from the cemetery, many people and fans cried. With definitely the most painful lyrics we’ve heard so far, this moving visual is perfectly integrated. We are sure this story will hit you hard after the first viewing if you haven’t watched this video.

In the visual, we can see many shared photos, short snippets of comments from Instagram, and some childhood photos. What delighted the audience was how this young rapper expressed his emotions and said goodbye to his brother.

With a strong rhythm and a lot of chords in the background, the song conveys all the sadness and suffering of FG, Famous for his brother.

When this tragedy happened, FG Famous posted a painful message on his Instagram profile about everything and wrote: Nîgga just took my right hand my mud Brudda my day 1 Nîgga I’ll sit on da stand n lie fa it was just me n you before anybody y u leave me la bro yk wat it is 4L Nîgga Forever Bangin 23.

These days on his profile, we can see a lot of emotional content related to his brother, their photos together, a lot of sad tests, and a video from the funeral. If you are interested in what else this young rapper has been posting, then follow his Instagram profile and stay up to date with all his posts.

Read part of the lyrics of below:

Nigga took my 23, now I want payback
So ain’t no need to talk to me unless you gon’ push a nigga face back
Three days straight, can’t even eat, I’m tryna creep right where he stay at
Turn my phone on DND, fuck Insta beef, I swear I hate that