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G41 – Stay Alert

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G41 releses a new visual for the song Stay Alert!

The premiere of the visual for the song Stay Alert by G41 was on July 4, 2022. Since its publication, the visual has been viewed by over 20,000 people. The video is on the official TOP5 YouTube channel. G41 has created an extremely high-quality project full of innovations that we have not had the opportunity to see until now.

Visual is rich in different content. The scenes were shot on the street, in the house, and at a party. The visual effects contributed to a relaxed atmosphere that can be felt already in the first bars. Music is something that stands out in this video content. The melancholy melody in the piano in the first bars says that this song is promising. Namely, Stay Alert is a melodic song with many different musical layers in the background of the rapper’s voice. The music flows smoothly at a moderate tempo. In the background of the rapper’s voice, we can hear good movement and beautiful chords of simple harmonization.

Somewhere in the middle of the song, an interruption occurs from one musical mood and the G41 switches to a completely new sound. The visual followed the male changes and stopped the visual flow for a moment. After a break, the music continues in a completely different tempo and key, and the sound becomes completely different from the previous one. An even lighter tempo with even simpler chords slowly relaxes us and brings us to the end of this song in long notes and bars.

G41 has a beautiful musical voice, and in his songs, he shows that rap is not just about firing out lyrics but also could be singing along to piano melodies

After listening to this song, you will put it on your playlist. If you listen to something that will completely surprise, delight you, and relax you in beautiful chords, then the song Stay Alert is just the song for you.

Stay Alert is not G41’s first song; until now, we could hear him in a solo version and collaboration with other top artists. 4 months ago, in cooperation with Msav and JNeat, we released a banger. The song is called Top 5 and has over 72 thousand views on YouTube. In May 2022, the song Day1st was released, which the rapper did in collaboration with I.V., Lil Monte, Macadelic, and Patric Carmelo. This visual was viewed by over 104 thousand people who left a lot of friendly comments under the video.

Due to his creativity and authentic singing style, G41 has quickly gained popularity, and the number of his audience is growing every day.

The audience is also growing on his Instagram profile. If you are interested in his content and the current events he publishes, visit his profile and follow him so you will be up to date with all the current events. When he released the song on YouTube, he shared a short promo video and invited the Instagram crew to watch the visual and write how they liked it in the comments.

Enjoy this beautiful music and the rapper’s melodious voice. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the visual, click on the link below and watch it. Write in the comments how you like the visuals and the music.