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905 Ty – Moonwalk




On 10.9.2021. 905 Ty released a cool music video for the song “ Moonwalk” on his YouTube channel.

905 Ty dropped his third song, “Moonwalk,” and it is much more than we expected.

The visuals are done in 6K, and we feel like we are watching a high-quality movie.

905 Ty invested a lot to get his music to where it is now, and his chill voice is starting to get noticed.

905 Ty is not aggressive when he raps; he has a dose of calmness that is reflected in his music.

He has interesting bars, a nice flow, and he is getting better and better.

He may not be the fast rapper with strong disses that we are used to these days, but he definitely deserves to be heard more.


He started off with his first song, “Envy,” in 2019, and now he has two other songs, “Pack it up” and “Moonwalk.”

His older songs have about 20k views, which is not bad for a new artist, but “Moonwalk” should do better on the charts.

If you are looking for something new to listen to, check out 905 TY and his music.

The underground rapper has proven that potential and hard work are a perfect combination and that he will slowly blow up.

Check out 905 TY’s new music video for “Moonwalk” by clicking on it above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think “Moonwalk” deserves more views and likes.

Quotable lyrics:

“Not into politics, but I got it on me,I got 

no time for the parley, hot nigga

feeling like Bobby, soon about to box,

these rappers like I’m Roddy, I can’t

go to no parties nah, I can’t trust who she’s been around”.