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Moula 1st – Easy

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On 18.12.2021. Moula 1st dropped his new music video on his YouTube channel, and we love it. The song is one of the singles off his new album, “Michael.”

The music video for “Easy” is inspired by popular TickTock videos, and the high-quality visuals match the top-notch lyrics. The music video has around 16K views, and his fans are streaming the album, leaving positive comments.

“Easy” has a cool vibe, with dope bars that the rapper spits while having fun in the music video. One of the best bars on the song is: “If it is war, it’s war, this Givenchy not Dior.”

He calls himself genuine and better than before on the song, which really reflects the effort the young rapper has put into his work. 

He is one of the most consistent Toronto rappers, and he has released a lot of songs this year.

If you are looking for something that will get you hooked on it immediately, check out “Easy.”

Michael- the album

The young rapper proves his talent and unmatched energy on his new album, and every one of these 17 tracks has its own vibe.

The new album “Michael” refers to the five most famous Michaels- Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Tyson, Phelps and Myres. Moula 1st implies that he will be the next Michael among the greats.

Moula has finally started posting new stuff on Instagram, and you can follow him to be up to date:

Check out the music video for “Easy” on his YouTube channel.

Drop a comment down below if you think Moula 1st is the hardest working rapper in the city.

Quotable lyrics:

“I’m better than anyone; try me

I will give it to anyone, overly

genuine, 50 shot, hit many men,

going for everyone, not buying nothing

from anyone.”