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Hoodbaby Peppa, A Young Upcoming Toronto Rapper

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Nickname: HoodBaby Peppa

Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario


HoodBaby Peppa is a Jane and Finch born and raised rapper who has rocked the music stage in 2018. His single “ Bandz” was his debut one, and he got a lot of attention with it.

Later in 2019, he dropped “ Medication”, which is still his well-known song with 380k views. The music video was one of the best ones in that period, and it launched Peppa’s career to a whole new level.

In 2020 the rapper collaborated with HoodBaby Rahrah on a track called “ Sauce ain’t familia”. In the same year, he dropped two singles, “ Supposed to” and “ Lately Freestyle”.

Peppa’s music got better and better with the releases of “Evil Eye”, “ Go”, and “P.O.M.B.”. His flow and writing technique is top-notch, and that is why he is one of the goats of Toronto’s new rap scene.

He also dropped two vlogs and talked about his life. You can check them out on his YouTube channel. He is funny, witty and an amazing rapper and writer. His vibe and catchy choruses always get us hooked on the song, and we need to click replay.

Recently, he started dropping hit after hit. The first one was “L.A. Made a Vibe”. After that, he dropped “ Don’t Blame Em” and “ 4 lifers”.

HoodBaby Peppa’s consistency is something we need to talk about. After a couple of bangers we mentioned above, he also dropped “ What She Want” and “ Sorry If I hurt you.”.

If you want to support HoodBaby Peppa from Toronto, listen to his music and follow him on his I.G. page above. You won’t regret listening to his unique tracks from 2018 until 2022, the progress is there, but the vibe is the same. Check out one of his videos below.