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Moula 1st – Certified Driller Boy




For the beginning of fall, one of the greatest artists in Toronto has surprised his fans with a music video for “Certified Driller Boy.”

The song has already been viewed more than 17k times, and according to the comments, people are thrilled.

Moula 1st obviously did his own take on Drake’s new album “Certified lover boy” by playing with the song’s name.

He even goes as far as saying, “Add this to CLB, and credit me,” which will surely get Drake’s attention.

However, Moula 1st does not need the attention if he continues to put out great songs with dope lyrics like this one.

The music video

The Canadian rapper is seen in the music video, which is done in a prison-like environment.

It looks like Moula 1st is in cuffs, and he just wants to go crazy with his bars, which is exactly what he does.

From interesting visuals to fast bars and a nasty beat, the rapper has everything he needs to get the attention he deserves.

Moula 1st is not a lover; he says, “that’s not my girl, I can get any,” hinting that he is a driller trying to blow up with his music.

In the end, he even says, “Talk to you later” if you listen carefully, which may be some hint that he has new music in store for us.

Check out Moula 1st’s new music video above on this page.

Tell us what you think about the song in the comment section below if you have watched the video.

Quotable lyrics:

“I call me Billy, like I have a daughter Miley,

Everyone ’round me knows it’s no kizzy,

Why you have to make me go and get gitchy,

All of you artists better drop for a glizzy”.