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ArrDee, UK Rapper, Age, Real Name & Bio

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Name: ArrDee

Real Name: Riley Jason Davies

Age: 20

Height: Not Available

Place of Birth: Brighton, England

Instagram: @arrdeegram

Stepping into the Spotlight: ArrDee’s Journey to Success

ArrDee, the British rapper taking the music scene by storm, is making waves with his infectious beats and raw lyrics. This young talent quickly rose to prominence with his debut mixtape, Pier Pressure, released in 2022. Since then, ArrDee has been showered with accolades, including silver, gold, and platinum plaques from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), solidifying his status as a breakout star.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Brighton, England, ArrDee’s upbringing has undoubtedly influenced his artistry. In an interview with Acclaim magazine, he described Brighton as “tight,” emphasizing the tight-knit community he shares with his crew. ArrDee proudly stated, “Between my collective of people, I can almost one-hundred percent say we know everybody in Brighton. If we don’t, we know somebody that knows the ones we don’t know.” His roots have shaped his approach to music, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity.

ArrDee’s musical journey began at a tender age. By 13, he was already rapping and even ran a makeshift studio in a one-bedroom flat. Although his early efforts didn’t gain much traction, ArrDee’s determination and passion drove him to expand his horizons. Through Instagram, he built connections and ventured to London, where he would spend days working and sleeping in studios.

The breakthrough came in 2021 when ArrDee collaborated on the remix of Russ Millions and Tion Wayne’s hit track, “Body.” The song reached the top of the charts in multiple countries, including the UK, catapulting ArrDee into the spotlight. Capitalizing on this success, he released his single “Oliver Twist,” a clever nod to Charles Dickens’ iconic novel. The song peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart.


Topping the Charts

ArrDee dropped his third solo single, “Flowers,” which sampled Sweet Female Attitude’s track of the same name and Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” The song secured a spot in the Top 10 of the UK’s Official Singles Chart and remained in the charts for seventeen weeks. ArrDee’s momentum grew with releasing his single “War,” featuring the talented rapper Aitch.

ArrDee’s debut mixtape, Pier Pressure, unleashed a whirlwind of energy upon its release in March 2022. The mixtape made an impact, claiming the number two spot on the UK Official Albums Chart and topping the UK Official Albums Streaming Chart.

He recently made his acting debut in the feature film “Tate: Ten Days of Blood,” a thrilling addition to the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise. This multifaceted talent knows no limits and continues to explore new avenues for creative expression.

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