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Fredo – Back To Basics (Video)

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The British rapper, singer, and songwriter, Fredo, releases a new official music video – called “Back To Basics.”

Stand up for this wondrous UK artist as he comes back with the music video “Back To Basics” from his new album called “Money Can’t Buy Happiness.” After quite some time, since releasing his debut album “Third Avenue,” Fredo finally dropped out something new – which made his audience thrilled about it.

The views and streams of his songs on many different platforms will show you how much popularity this prominent artist has. In just a short time, since he released his new album and the official music video for the “Back To Basics,” Fredo already has a couple of million views on YouTube – with mentioned music video having over 5.6 million views.

For the long gap between albums, Fredo said he is sorry, quoting “I want to apologize for the wait,” explaining he had a whole different style album that didn’t mean anything to him. He explained that a lot was going on in his life, which made him confused and angry. “I really thought that, once you have the money – you can be happy inside – even if stuff is going on, but it’s not like that,” he further said.

Since he was determined to give his audience something that will really explain his emotions, the key, and the importance of life, Fredo waited a bit longer. In the end, he managed to meet the expectations by making something so powerful and likable. Produced by Dave, “Back To Basics” shows the true meaning of what Fredo was talking about. Released on January 21, 2021, it’s already rocking on Fredo’s list of the most popular songs.

Check out “Back To Basic” above, make sure to follow Fredo, and stream his music on all available platforms.