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Dee Money – Hit Different

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Dee Money – Hit Different

On 3.12.2021. Dee Money from Canada dropped his new single “Hit Different,” featuring a top-notch video available on 6ixBuzz YouTube channel.

Although the rapper is still at the beginning of his career, he reveals his potential with every new song and invests a lot of energy to show what he’s worth.

“Hit Different” is more energetic than his previously released single, with strong beats and mighty lyrics.

The rapper’s voice rolls without stopping, making the song packed with energy and straightforward flow.

The video is professionally directed and polished by Maccadelic, and it keeps you locked by the screen for the time being.

The atmosphere is tense and thunderous, as Dee Money reveals what his game is all about.

His powerful voice heats the mood with striking verses and a smighty tone.

Followed by the massive bass and ominous background sounds, this song really radiates with pure energy and depth.

Although the song’s thematic follows the many times walked path of crime, violence and other gangsta issues, the rapper knows how to carve his own road and create something unique.

Dee Money definitely has what it takes to reach the top of the scene.

He is mighty, confident and has a lot to say.

With undeniably addictive flow, he keeps striking and provoking as he should.

As the rapper says: “I can’t tell you what it is, it just hit different,” he brings originality and self-confidence, which is crucial for the breakthrough on the packed rap scene.

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Quotable lyrics:

“My niggas gave me the game

I had to run with that

Now I come with the game

It’s like a rumble pack

I put in the pain

I bring that thunder bag.”