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Blacka Da Don – Anthony Davis

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Blacka Da Don Releases Video for “Anthony Davis”

Toronto artist Blacka Da Don drops the video for his new track “Anthony Davis”. The single comes as the title song for his new full-length project “Tenacious”. Likewise, this track is an outrageous hip-hop tune that showcases Blacka’s intense style and varied delivery. Give this record a listen and see exactly what Blacka Da Don is capable of spitting.

Born in Alberta in 1990, Blacka Da Don moved at a young age to the Toronto housing project “Pelham Park Gardens”. During these early days, Blacka would freestyle with his friends. The closest of whom, Jarvis, encouraged him to pursue music seriously. Unfortunately, Jarvis was shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity, but it was from this pain that Blacka got the drive to release music. Throughout the next few years he dropped twelve different mixtape projects, and appeared on the live bill with massive acts like YG, Waka Flocka, G Eazy and more. His biggest hit so far, “Money Walk” produced by Murda Beatz, came out during this period.

Shortly after the drop of “Money Walk”, Blacka’s uncle, friend, and mentor Payback was killed in another instance of gun violence. Blacka spent two years in the studio coping with this loss, earning writing credits on projects with Drake and dropping tonnes of fantastic music in the process. “Tenacious” is the rapper’s sixth full length project and a welcome addition to his discography, with “Anthony Davis” being a great representation of what the album has to offer.

Blacka Da Don Anthony Davis
Blacka Da Don – Anthony Davis

Came Out the Gutter

Eighty8beats has absolutely nasty production on this single. With an ethic lead line coming in the right channel, combined with a sick synth and a super-subtle guitar sample. Blacka takes two different tones of voice on this record. Due to this, the power of this tune is very unique. His softer voice delivers lines like “I call her old school cuz all she wants to do is throwback”. Meanwhile, his aggressive tone has hilarious bars like “Got me a job at Mcdonalds up in the back gripping the angus”. Altogether a high energy banger and excellent way to open the album.

The video takes place on what appears to be the California coast, under a Korean temple. Blacka takes hypnotic movements as he performs the track against the blue skyline. Shortly after, he cruises in a sports car down the streets of LA with a blunt in his mouth. As he spits on a basketball court, overhead drone shots pass and film him on the center court. A thoroughly entertaining and high-quality visual.

Blacka Da Don is on Instagram, where you can see him promoting upcoming tours and his latest music drops. Undeniably a great track, “Anthony Davis” is out on all platforms. We recommend you check it out along with the rest of “Tenacious”.