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Meek Mill – Pain Away ft. Lil Durk (Video)



Get ready for Meek Mill’s official music video “Pain Away” featuring Lil Durk

Meek Mill – American rapper, songwriter, and activist – recently released his new mini-album called “Quarantine Pack.” In collaboration with another American rapper, singer, and songwriter – Lil Durk – Meek Mill makes a huge hit called “Pain Away.” Released on November 20, 2020, the song is already racking more than 31 million views on YouTube.

These two prominent artists have been in the music scene for years – Meek Mill has started his career in 2003, Lil Durk in 2009. When talking about Mill’s “Quarantine Pack,” the four-song EP is his newest album since he released his album “Championships” – back in 2018. At the same time – in 2020 – Lil Durk has released his 5th studio album called “Just Cause Y’all Waited 2,” which was a follow-up to his 2018 mixtape of 11 songs. The new Lil album consists of 15 songs and has debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 chart.

 The release of the long-awaited follow-up to Meek’s 2018 number one album “Championships” made his audience thrilled, and the song “Pain Away” is evidently the most popular one on this album. Although Meek Mill has released a couple of singles and collaborations over the past year, his audience was eagerly waiting for a new full album.

Some of the most recent popular songs from Meek Mill, which he did in collaborations with other artists are, “Going Bad” with Drake, racking over 133 million views on YouTube, “Believe” featuring Justin Timberlake with over 14 million views, “Letter to Nipsey” featuring Roddy Ricch, with 11 million views, and others.

Make sure you check the official music video “Pain Away” above, follow Meek Mill and Lil Durk, and stream their songs on all available platforms.


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HeartBreakKris – Como Te Llamas



HeartBreakKris drops out new video for Como Te Llamas

Rising star HeartBreakKris refreshed the rap sound with a good mix of rap and Latin. At the beginning of May 2022, the rapper released the visual for a new song called Como Te Llamas.

The song is available on his official YouTube channel. In a short period of two months, the song reached almost 34 thousand views.

Even if HeartBreakKris is new to the rap music scene, he has gained his audience, and that number is growing every day. If we look at his monthly score on the Spotify platform, it is 20,000 listeners.

The young rapper was born in the UK, but today he works and lives in Miami. Living in Miami inspired him to create something as sensationally good as the song Como Te Llamas.

In his new song, HeartBreakKris has created a very enticing sound that will blow your mind so much. The combination of Shan and English sounds very moving. A good summer beat and a summer story gently invite us to a beach party and long-time joy.

At the first sound of guitars in the lyrics, we notice a new sound that brings a new variant of rap music.

The video is a good summer story. The rapper shot the footage in Miami. Scenes where the artist walks the streets of Miami alternate with scenes on the beach. The visual follows this lovely summer text.

This song is guaranteed to be a summer hit that will be heard at beach parties.

HeartBreakKris has a very pleasant and lovely voice that sounds great in Spanish and English.

We can say that this song is a cover version of a song that was also released at the same time by the rapper Lil Tjay In My Head. However, HeartBreakKris brought another dimension to this song with completely different lyrics and showed his creativity to the maximum.

You will enjoy watching the beautiful scenes of Miami streets while listening to this light soft beat.

The first visual the rapper posted on his official channel was for the song On My Grind, which found its way to the audience and received over 23 thousand views. He continued to have lower success with other songs, but we can safely say that he made the biggest success so far with the song Como Te Llamas.

The popularity of this creative is also growing on social networks. On Instagram, the number of followers and a large number of supportive comments is growing every day. When he released the summer hit Como Te Llamas, he posted a video on Instagram and invited followers to watch the visual. A few days before the song was released, he asked fans if they wanted to hear the song and if they wanted to tag him and Lil Tjay.

Check out the video for this Latin vibe hit, Como Te Llamas. Write in the comments which version you like better. If you want to see more creative music projects like this, we suggest you subscribe to the HeartBreakKris official YouTube channel.

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Nardo Wick – Riot



Nardo Wick has a new banger called RIOT!

Nardo Wick again set the internet on fire when he released his new video for the song Riot in early July 2022. The song is on his official YouTube channel, and in 2 weeks, more than 2 million people watched the video. Incredible reactions and enthusiasm from the audience and fans leave in the comments daily.

The song Riot was created in collaboration with RCA Records, and NDOH directed the video. The fantastic team that worked on this song contributed to making this song one of the most listened-to songs on all platforms.

In the song, Nardo Wick addresses his enemies, saying they should not harm their closest people. The song’s lyrics delighted the audience, and the rapper received numerous praises.

Surrounded by an armed team, Nardo maximally blended the story and lyrics of the song with the visual part. The video was filmed in a parking lot where he disguised and threatened his enemies, whom Nardo addressed in a song.

And if there is a successful period behind the rapper, he does not stop drying up his audience with new songs and performances that he is preparing.

Nardo Vick recently finished his tour of big cities such as Los Angeles, New York and others. His tour was symbolically called Who is Nardo Wick?

In addition to the big and successful tour, the successful rapper performed another banger, Me or Sum, which worked in collaboration with Future and Lil Baby. With this song, this team achieved an incredible 33 million views and became a leading hit.

His voice is attractive and pleasant, which is just one of the reasons why this rapper has such a large audience.

The audience was thrilled when he announced that the song was coming out in one day. And that short video from the song has over half a million views on his Instagram profile. The rapper was also supported by colleagues, the biggest names in the rap music scene.

We can listen to Nardo on Lil Durk’s big tour in September and October this year. The young talented rapper will perform as one of his special guests and complete his tour.

We can say that this song is his new hit that will mark his career. Riot has been circulating on all social networks, especially on TikTok, where we can see incredible interesting videos and many views.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to a new song by Nardo Wick, now is the right time to do so. Join us with numerous comments, and write how you like the song.

Below we leave you a part of the new song by Nardo Wick Riot:

Can’t put my jacket on his head, it’s six thousand for my coat
Got plenty Ps, don’t need no dope
Got right ’round, don’t need no hope
I’m gon’ get close, don’t need no scope
Hand me a strap, I bet I blow
Hand me a strap, I bet I bang

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Lil Gotit – Shut the Door



Lil Gotit relased new video for song Shut The Door

The video for song Shut The Door was published on June 17, 2022, on the official YouTube channel Lil Gotit. In just a few days, this video was watched by over 400,000 people.

The song Shut The Door was released on the rapper’s YouTube channel, but only as a single without a recorded video in early May. The song is one of 16 songs found on Lil Goth’s album, which he has been listening to intensively for almost 2 months.

His new music project called The Cheater, after one of the songs for a short time, has many views on YouTube. These days we can notice that the songs that stood out on the album have been released in a new format.

The songs How You Comin and Shut The Door stood out the most in the album, and at the same time, the rapper did a visual for them.

The video for Shut The Door is pushing its boundaries, a mix of modern and authentic styles that is very representative here. The fact is that the song stood out at the beginning, but now that there is a visual song for the song, it has received much more attention from the audience and an incredibly large number of reviews and comments.

What the audience especially likes is the replacement of the scene from the past with the brutally good graphic scenes from the present. This is because scenes from the past are videos made a couple of years ago, while scenes from the present are a reality, and that is that the rapper works hard in the studio and records new things.

It is interesting how the glasses on Lil Gotit’s head change for a moment, which can represent how his view of the world and some situations change.

His sincere text in this song was triggered by numerous emotions in the audience, especially because the audience associates all this with a recent family tragedy. The month of May next to the album marked a tragedy for him, and Lil Gotit’s brother Lil Keed passed away, as the media reported, due to an overdose.

The top YouTube comments contain all the emotional comments related to Lil Keed’s death, such as: CONTINUING HIS BROTHER’S LEGACY, Can’t imagine what brother is going through, solid mucus remains, etc.

If you have already heard the song and have not watched the video, now is the right time to do the same time leave a comment on how you like this and whether this song evokes feelings in you like most of the audience.

If you are interested in what other song from Lil Gotit’s last album will get a video, then subscribe to his official YouTube channel and enjoy his new projects that are in preparation.

Below you can enjoy part of the lyrics to Shut The Door:

Shut the door, yeah, recording in progress
Sippin’ syrup but I ain’t even cough yet
Box of money and we tap in like faucet
We ain’t gon’ talk ’bout that shit I ain’t bought yet
Heard ’em haulin’ but I’m steady ballin’

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