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BLVD BIZZ – Trenches

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On 25.3.2022. BLVD Bizz released a music video for his song “Trenches”. Chiboki & KR Productions killed it with the visuals, and BLVD did not let any bars go to waste.

We can see the rapper riding in his car and flexing his wealth. The music video fits the atmosphere of the video perfectly, and we love it.

BLVD is always hardcore with his bars, but his flow on this track is unmatched. The track has a lot of highlights where his songwriting skills are on the top. If you have a favorite bar, don’t hesitate and drop it in the comments. 

Toronto-based hip-hop artist Blvd Bizz was born in Canada – where he adopted his stage name from the area he grew up in, Ardwick Boulevard, and his childhood nickname, “Bizz.” He is always fresh with new lyrics and a new beat, so he never disappoints.

His smooth lyricism and authentic delivery never fail to tell profound stories, often inspired by his hometown and upbringing. This track deserves way more than 17k views on YouTube because of the authentic vibe and killer bars.

If you want to check out something cool today, don’t miss out on “ Trenches”. We are waiting for BLVD to surprise us with some new releases soon.

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Check out “ Trenches” by BLVD Bizz above on this page, and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Quotable lyrics:

“We in the trenches we stepping,

wrap up a brick like a present, 

switch on the back send his bitch ass to heaven”