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Paris Richards – Gang Talk ft. Mellow Rackz

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Paris Richards New Single Gang Talk featuring Young Money Artist Mellow Rackz

Toronto artist Paris Richards released Gang Talk featuring Young Money Artist Mellow Rackz on October 6th, 2022. Paris Richards and Mellow Rackz come together as empowered female artists to claim their place as badass boss women. Paris Richards is a creative rapper from Toronto, Canada, who takes on dominantly controlled male topics like money, street life, and hustling and shifts the narrative to a female perspective. Her efforts to make music about these topics from a female perspective enable her to break the barriers of gender norms that allows women to feel empowered and respected. Gang Talk is an example of Paris Richards choosing a perceived male topic to be told from a female perspective, to which she says, “I’m bad and bougie, I’m what they describe ghetto fabulous” While Paris Richards is from Canada, Mellow Rackz is an Miami, Florida singer and rapper from America, and a recording artist with Young Money Entertainment, founded by Lil Wayne. Thus, these two women came from two continents to claim their throne in the music industry.

Paris Richards Gang Talk

Paris Richards – Gang Talk

A Whole Lotta Gang Talk

In an interview with Raptology, Paris Richards says, “I always go to the clubs and hear rap music, but it was always Male dominated. I always wondered what it would be like to hear a woman’s perspective on certain topics. Like being a boss, relationships, and turn up songs!” With that said, Gang Talk is an example of a female perspective on these topics, and Paris Richards doesn’t hold back. Right in the chorus, the Toronto artist shows that she’s fearless as she says, “please don’t make no threats if they try then we’ll be tagging em.” And while she’s talking her gang talk, she doesn’t forget her manners and class with the “please,” which exemplifies Paris Richards as a boss lady. When it comes to Mellow Rackz verse, she makes it clear that she’s not someone to mess with, when she says, “f*** with me you get lipo, f*** with me you get poked up, you trying hard now you choked up.” Overall, both artists did a bold job in demonstrating they’re fearless artistry as they talked about money, gangs, and hustling, from a female perspective that rendered women listeners a sense of empowerment.

Number One on iTunes

Gang Talk which was produced by Dub J recently charted number one (#1) on iTunes, making this single Paris Richard’s sixth number one (#1) chart record of 2022. With these top charted numbers and Paris Richard’s affiliation with Young Money Entertainment, it won’t be a surprise when she becomes as known as Nicki Minaj and Drake. That’s why you shouldn’t be late to join the Paris Richard’s fandom.  

As of right now, Gang Talk’s auto is linked above, and it is available to listen to on all streaming platforms. Make sure to give this song a listen, and show some love to Paris Richards and Mellow Rackz by following them on Instagram and to stay updated on all things music.