Dizzle Dreamrich – Chef Gang Villain Gang ft. Jonie VV


On 8.7.2021. Dizzle Dreamrich dropped a new collaboration with rapper Jonie VV called “Chef Gang Villain Gang.”

Both rappers are seen in the music video, and the cool visuals are done by Ghost Visuals. With clever wordplay and a catchy flow, this song is destined to be a hit if you pay attention.

Dizzle comes hard with his verse at the beginning of the video; he says, “If you wanna talk about music, it ain’t hard to tell that we’re gifted.” He is definitely right about that, and the rapper deserved more views.

However, Jonie’s bars don’t go unnoticed, and many say that he needs to drop new materials soon to show his raw talent.

Since 6ixBuzz premiered the song on their YouTube channel, these two rappers have a good chance of blowing up and getting more credits.

Dizzle Dream Rich has potential.

Dizzle had a good run in 2020; he released “Dead Roses part2” as a sequel to his most successful song, “Dead Roses”. Starting 2021 with “Chef Gang Villain Gang” is a goos sign.

After these releases, his small fandom thinks he has finally found his sound and that he should put out more music to get more views.

If you are a fan of underrated but raw bangers from the Toronto streets, don’t sleep on this hit.

Check out Dizzle and Jonie VV’s new music video above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Chef gang, keep a Glock in the kitchen

I’m so tired of fake, I use COVID for excuse to keep distance, uh

If you wanna talk about music, uh

It ain’t hard to tell we’re gifted, uh

Chef gang Villian gang, y’all know for gang we’ll flip shit”