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DVBLM – Detroit Flow Freestyle

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On April 16th DVBLM dropped a freestyle called “ Detroit Flow” on her YouTube channel. The rapper has a nasty flow and some great punchlines, and that is why we love this track.

Her freestyle is better than some rapper’s whole album, and you can hear that in her first verse. She annunciates perfectly, you don’t have to second-guess her bars, and she always has an amazing flow.

From the music video to the bars, DVBLM has stepped up her game as she is preparing us for her EP. This is just a glimpse of what she has to offer, and she is a breath of fresh air for the rap scene.

She rides every beat she picks, and no wonder her freestyle only shows how talented she is. Check out this freestyle if you want to rock with something great today.

The music video features the rapper who is rocking the stage solo with her black and red hair. 

The rapper says she is taking time to perfect her EP, but until then, she got us a little slice of the cake- “ Detroit Flow.” We will rock with this track until we can hear a couple of her hits in one go.

If you want to support this feisty beauty, check out her IG profile below:

Check out DVBLM’s freestyle above on this page, and let us know if you love the song and the music video.

Quotable lyrics Detroit Flow Freestyle:

“Nasty, I wana throw a fit,

cause I said you can’t kang me

taku for idiot, no I don’t agree 

with that, sometimes, I make you

think you the one, but I am really not,

and I don’t want to give not one fuck

not a teeny dot.”