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BOA QG X BOA Hunxho – Hard To Breathe

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BOA QG and BOA Hunxho releases a new visual for the song Hard To Breathe

BOA QG and BOA Hunxho made a great collaboration for their music project Hard To Breathe. A new visual for the song Hard To Breathe was released three days ago. The video is on the official BOA QG YouTube channel. The song has already managed to be viewed by over 14 thousand people, who supported the artists with a lot of nice reviews and comments.

The rappers made a high-quality video with great production, full of interesting scenes and fantastic visual effects. Diesel Films directed the video. The artists decided to shoot the visual in several locations. The scenes for the visual were shot in a dark basement where the rappers gathered with their crew. Their team is armed and fits perfectly as the background of the whole story that BOA QG and BOA Hunxho are presenting in their song.

The voices of BOA QG and BOA Hunxho are very similar, so they match well, and at times it sounds like one rapper is singing. Their melodious voices accompany this light beat and melody on the piano.

When you hear the first bars of the movie tune, you will want to hear the song until the end. A very good combination of energy and music.

If you want to hear something light and quality, the song Hard To Breath is exactly for your playlist.

The collaboration between these two artists has proved successful in the past period. The rappers have done more brutally profitable projects together. One of those projects is the visual for the song Voodoo. Over 5.1 million people have viewed the video for this song. Before releasing the visual, the artists shared the audio version of the song with the audience, which was also a huge success and achieved over 1 million views.

We can see the popularity of their music on TikTok. On this platform, the sounds of BOA QG and BOA Hunxho have over 2 million views.

The creative, talented rapper BOA QG recently introduced himself to the audience and successfully entered the rap music scene. Namely, 6 months ago, on his official YouTube channel, he published the official audio for the song Paintfull Freestyle, which as his independent publication without visuals, received an incredible 17 thousand views.

The popularity of this young creative artist is also growing on other social networks. The rapper regularly shares innovations and plans for further musical projects on his Instagram profile with his followers. In addition to his business successes, the artist is happy to share photos from his private life. If you want to follow all the current events and interesting things related to the career of BOA QG, we suggest you follow his profile and join his Instagram army, which has 16 thousand followers.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the new song and this fantastic collaboration of these racing stars, click on the link below and watch the visual. Write how you like this collaboration and which of their songs is your favorite. If you’re interested in his next musical projects, subscribe to the rapper’s official YouTube channel.