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TrapSosa – Keys ft. Woodboy Gee & Real Boston Richey

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TrapSosa ft. Woodboy Gee & Real Boston Richey drops a new video for a Keys song! Great collaboration!

TrapSosa has done an amazing collaboration with Woodboy and Real Boston and released a new visual. The premiere of the new video was on July 1, 2022. The song was released on TrapSosa’s official YouTube channel. In a short time, the visual was viewed by over 45 thousand people. With many good comments from the audience, the video is slowly gaining more and more viewership.

Visual they did with Counterpoint 2.0. Rappers and a few people from their crew filmed a video surrounded by luxury cars where they can be seen flaunting their money. The rappers recorded in several locations but focused on their rhymes and strong beats. The video was a colorful, intense visual that brought brutally good energy.

The interesting text immediately attracted the attention of the audience. Although TrapSosa’s Woodboy Gee and Real Boston Richey have different singing styles, their voices fit perfectly into the concept. In their text, the rappers also mention the big name of the RnB music scene, Alicia Keys.

The rappers divided the text into three parts, each following the beat and rapping in their style. The heavy repeating chords fit with the completely different colors of each rapper’s voice. While the artists are firing off their rhymes, an enchanting melody can be heard in the background in the backing vocals, which gives a completely different dimension to this song.

If you like watching and listening to good vibes, this song is for you.

TrapSosa recently introduced himself to the public when he released the audio version of Risc Takers 8 months ago. The song is so good and has a beat and a fast rhythm that we don’t get a chance to hear very often in this music. The combination of the electronic sound with his rapping went well with the audience, earning him over 21 thousand views for his first post.

 This single was followed by a series of brutally good single songs and excellent collaborations. The visual for the song Bando is his most viewed video on the channel so far, which has over 312 thousand views and was released only 3 months ago. This visual was done with Woodboy Gee and Real Boston Richey, so their collaboration is guaranteed success.

We are sure their collaboration for the song Keys will be as successful as it was for the song Bando.

On his Instagram profile, the rapper promotes his music, publishing new video materials or photos from shooting. When the song was on his channel, the rapper shared a cover photo and a short video with his followers, left a link in his BIO, and invited his audience to watch the video. As his popularity grows, so does the number of followers on his Instagram profile, where he now has over 10,000 followers.

If you are interested in what interesting content is, then follow the rapper’s Instagram profile and follow his posts.

Click the link below to watch the visual for the song Keys. Write in the comments how you like their latest collaboration and if you think this song is better than their previous song together.