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Bandmanrill – Jiggy In Jersey ft. Sha Ek & DJ Swill B

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Bandmanrill ft Sha Ek & DJ Swill B drops out a new visual for Jiggy In Jersey!

In less than 2 weeks since the song Jiggy in Jersey was released, the visual has been viewed by almost 700 thousand people and liked by over 24 thousand. The visual was released on Bandmanrill’s official YouTube channel. The song became a big hit in a short time and received a lot of positive reactions.

George Buford directed and produced the video. The visual is an energetic, intense story that follows the theme and Bandmanrill’s jak drill. Bandmanrill is infected by his team in his scenes, which moves along with his energy and plays in time. The dynamic increases and climaxes when Bandmanrill’s team joins in and briefly rhymes with him. The scenes with Sha Ek take on a new dimension, and the song’s intensity increases.

Sha Ek’s drill is perfectly blended with his distinctive, harsh voice timbre. Towards the song’s end, the rapper joins in with his rapping, but most of the lyrics are strongly delivered by Bandmanrill.

Rappers had interesting ideas for making videos. Scenes where the rapper is sitting on a basket are alternated with scenes with the local team where everyone is playing in the street. This visual has become even more intense with brutally good visual and sound effects. The sound and firing of the gun fit perfectly at the ends of the phrases of the Sh Ek section.

The song took the internet by storm. These days, the number of views and posting video reactions is growing rapidly on YouTube. YouTube bloggers went crazy for this song and made a lot of reaction videos. It has become a trend to shoot a reaction video for the song Jiggy in Jersey. Almost all bloggers rated the song 10/10 and immediately posted positive comments.

Bandmanrill published a promotional video on his Instagram profile, left a link in his Bio, and invited his followers to watch the video and comment on how they liked it. A few days ago, the rapper published a post that particularly pleased his audience. Bandmanrill posted a cover photo for his performance and wrote that he would have a first headlining show, which will take place in New York on August 7. The artist told fans to buy their tickets in time.

In addition to the headlining show, Bandmanrill will perform as a special guest on the Coe Leray tour on August 10 and 11. The tour will take place in Washington, D.C., and Charlotte.

If you want to follow the new performances and musical projects that this talented artist is preparing, you can follow him on his Instagram profile, which has over 130 thousand followers.

Read part of the lyrics to Jiggy in Jersey below:

She bend it over, I divе in that water
Shorty a baddie, I flew her from Florida
She callin me daddy, that lil bitch my daughter
That bitch she foreign she from ‘cross the border