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Central Cee, London Rapper, Age, Real Name & Height

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Central Cee

Nickname: Central C, Central Cee, Cee

Real Name: Oakley Neil H T Ceasar-Su

Place of Birth: London

Instagram: @Central Cee

Central Cee, An Artist from London

There’s no question that this era of drill is exploding with talented artists. In both America and the U.K. drill has seen its popularity rise to heights it has never seen before. Indeed, one such new artist at the front of this wave of drill is Central Cee. Both an innovator in the genre and an expert in its fundamentals, Cee has been carving his path through the scene. That work is paying off, as you cannot hear a discussion on modern drill without a mention of his name.

Born under the name Oakley Neil H T Ceasar-Su, Cee spent his early youth in the Shepherd’s Bush neighborhood of London. His mother was Irish and father Guyanese, Cee shares his parentage with younger brother Juke who has appeared on some of his work. Straightaway Cee’s life was filled with music, as his father would play reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop throughout their home. You can hear these influences in his music today.

As a student, Central Cee mostly kept to himself but was known to occasionally misbehave and lose his temper. He shared his school with fellow rapper Digger D, though not in the same grade. During this time, he worked at a shoe store for about three weeks, but upon finding out his wage he quit immediately.  At fourteen, Cee began to record his first few songs, finding a passion and love for music.

Central Cee
Central Cee

Drill and Doja

Central’s first efforts in music are characterized as “trap-wave”, a genre with auto-tuned vocals and more airy and floating beats. His early track “Pull Up” is a good example of these early efforts. It features a high pitched steel drum sample forming the backing for the rapper’s rapid and melodic vocals. You can hear the beginnings of his harder drill style in these songs, with non-stop bars and an icy flow.

In 2019, Central Cee linked up with his manager YBeez who encouraged him to continue pushing in the hip-hop world. He switched to a U.K. drill style at this time, and achieved breakout success with his singles “Day in the Life” and “Molly”. In March 2021, he self-released his mixtape “Wild West” which went number one on the U.K. R&B charts. Soon after in November of the same year, he dropped his second mixtape “23”.

Central Cee dropped his most popular song so far in 2022. “Doja”, which featured a music video by Cole Bennett, exploded among his fanbase and propelled him to the front of the rap scene. He followed this up in October by surprise dropping his debut EP “No More Leaks”. He also became the first UK rapper to achieve one billion streams on Spotify in a single year.

His conquest of drill far from over, Central Cee continues to tour and release music on a regular basis. Finding other success modeling for Nike, Nocta, and more, Cee has diversified his talents and successfully become a true hip-hop entrepreneur. You can keep up with him on Instagram for his latest drops and news. Currently, Cee is up for “British Artist of the Year” at the Brit awards, and we wish him the best of luck.