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Sierra Blacc – I Don’t Mind

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Sierra Blacc Combines Old School with Contemporary R&B

Sierra Blacc combines a contemporary R&B sound along with old-school visuals in her newly released single, I Don’t Mind. I Don’t Mind was released on September 21, 2022, on YouTube. Sierra Blacc is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and executive producer from Toronto, Canada. In fact, Sierra Blacc wrote I Don’t Mind, directed the music video, and produced it, making her a well-rounded, independent, and motivated artist. This Toronto artist explores her passion for music by combining different sounds to create a unique style that fits her, as seen in I Don’t Mind.

I Don’t Mind highlights a love/hate relationship, where two people are toxic for each other yet have so much love for one another and strive to make the relationship work. Their dynamic is made clear in the lyrics when she says, “we can make it work, but we gotta make the time though.” The lyrics of the song and the visuals go hand in hand in capturing the nature of the relationship. Blacc expresses her love and concern for the relationship through the lyrics, whereas the visuals capture its unhealthy dynamic. These contrasting perspectives give viewers insight into how love is blinding and can fog a person’s judgement. Even throughout the chorus, there’s a sense of uncertainty when Blacc keeps repeating the phrase, “baby, I don’t mind,” indicating that she’s not sure whether to leave or stay in the relationship, finding herself saying, “I don’t mind.” Overall, this song is relatable to many listeners who find themselves in complex relationships. 

Sierra Blacc I Don't Mind

Sierra Blacc – I Don’t Mind

At the beginning of the music video, we see Sierra Blacc turn on a TV which begins to display her relationship. This beginning symbolizes that Sierra Blacc feels like an outsider in her relationships and wants to gain perspective on the situation. In addition, the visuals show scenes of the couple fighting along with scenes of them being intimate with each other, further enforcing this song’s love/hate nature between the couple. While Sierra Blacc produced I Don’t Mind, along with Tony Parker and Festive3, the videography and edits were by BrownGuyMadeIt and TK Productions. The production has a contemporary R&B sound, perfect for those late-night drives when you’re in the feels. The contemporary sound, along with the black and white cinematography, combines modern music within an old-school frame, which aligns with Sierra Blacc’s aesthetics. All in all, making I Don’t Mind is a unique and tasteful song that complements Sierra Blacc’s style.  

If you haven’t, give I Don’t Mind a listen by clicking the YouTube video linked above. Sierra Blacc is a well-rounded artist that deserves all her flowers; with that said, make sure to give her a follow on Instagram