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VVS Barbie, An Artist from Flesherton

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VVS Barbie

Nickname: VVS Barbie, Barbie

Real name: Unknown

Place of Birth: Flesherton, Ontario

Instagram: @vvsbarbie

VVS Barbie, An Artist from Flesherton

When your love of music begins to grow as a young artist, you find yourself wanting to be a part of it more and more. As a means of dealing with emotions, or just a raw moment of creative expression, being a songwriter lets your wildest feelings run amok and channels parts of you that may never be seen otherwise. VVS Barbie discovered her love of music at an early age, pursuing the craft throughout her teens and into adulthood. The passion for songs flows out of this young artist, and it’s why she is in our spotlight today,

VVS Barbie grew up in a small town north of Toronto called Flesherton. Her family spent a few early years there before moving themselves closer to the GTA in the town of Ajax. Her mother was a native of Guyana, who had many sisters that all made a life in Canada. Family surrounded the two growing up. Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles filled their lives and made their home life full.

As an only child, VVS Barbie gained a great deal of independence from the get-go. Having given birth at a young age, her mother had to balance parenthood while still being in school. As a result of her mother’s ambition and hard work, Barbie learned the entrepreneurship and drive that it takes to succeed. 

VVS Barbie

From Highschool to the Studio

Her earliest memory of music was at a young age, when she would hear songs on the radio in her house and choreograph her own dance moves. As she grew into a teenager, she began to write music of her very own. Her mother took notice of her talent and creativity, beginning to bring her into the studio. She considers creating her own songs from scratch to be her greatest achievement in music so far. Sharing these songs with others gave her the confidence to be the artist that she is today.

Her abilities as an entertainer are on full display in her latest video “Balancear”. Taking a latin-style beat, Barbie takes the listener on a ride through her colorful melodies and more rap-like flows.  It’s a great showcase of the range in her songwriting. So too is it amazing to listen to how she crafts harmonies and layers, making full use of the sonic space with her voice.
Still hustling new songs all the time, VVS Barbie does music today for the sheer love of the craft. It gives her confidence in herself as well as the moment to be expressive and utilize her creativity. Dealing with the difficult moments in life is made easier when taken with the music, with Barbie hoping to be an inspiration for the young women that listen to her records. You can tap in with VVS Barbie on Instagram, where she posts regularly about her newest projects. Check out this amazing artist and see a rising icon in R&B.