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Popcaan, Beres Hammond – God Is Love (Video)

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Jamaican rock legends Popcaan and Beres Hammond appear in a totally unexpected collaboration!

As of 12 March 2021, two of Jamaica’s most famous personalities in the music industry, Popcaan, the highly respected deejay, singer and songwriter and Beres Hammond the widely acclaimed rock singer have come together to bring about a totally unprecedented partnership that has fans astonished because they never saw it coming.

The newly released single, God is Love, has although been presented to the fans very recently, yet has managed to garner an astounding number of 2 Million viewers on YouTube in no time. The song itself does not disappoint either. It actually continues the legacy and has struck a positive chord amongst the masses, especially among the people of Jamaica.

The 4:48 minute long video features clips from their live event together where they announced the song’s soon to be released on YouTube and behind the scene snippets of the studio where both the singers are present for the recording and are sharing a smoke, posing for pictures and just vibing together. The video in itself exudes a sense of wholesomeness and warmness, something their fans didn’t expect, though needed nonetheless. The song itself is soothing and pleasing to the ears along with meaningful, soul-touching, spiritual lyrics that the fans have fallen in love with head over heels.

The collab has worked well for both the popstars. Even with Popcaan’s knack for partnering with some of the widely known names in the music industry and Hammond’s great track record, this alliance was unprecedented. This is exactly why this unenvisioned concert together has brought both the singers a new round of limelight. Both the stars undeniably are a musical influence on their own, with this song reaffirming their spot at the top of the Jamaican music industry.