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Dejourr – Bentley Truck

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On 31.10.2021. Dejourr released a music video for his song “Bentley Truck” on his YouTube channel.

The music video came just days after his hit “Man Down”, and his fans didn’t expect such a banger.

Chi Boki directed the movie-like music video, which starts with Dejourr’s monologue.

Then the rapper starts to shoot dope lines while switching flows and having fun in the city.

“Bentley Truck” is his sixth song on YouTube, but he has already developed his own style and gathered his little fandom.

Does the title of the song sound familiar to you?

Soulja Boy and Two Chainz have a song with the same name as Dejourr’s, but there are no further similarities.

Dejourr commented “ Consisten On” on one of his IG posts, and he is already promoting his new song “ Get Back”.

Dejourr’s plan is probably to spam the crowd with new music so that everybody knows about him in one year, which is a perfect tactic working so far.

If he keeps up, we might expect an album next year, and he will probably be one of the fastest rappers to reach their goals, but of course, because of hard work and mad verses.

If you want to support the rising star Dejourr, follow him on his IG page:

Dejourr is one of the unique artists in the city, even though he started his career six months ago.

Check out the music video for “Bentley Truck” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ And I ain’t tryna pick them up, 

they got evil eyes,

but I don’t really give a fuck, playing both sides,

so i am gonna hit them up,check them for that Bentley truck.”