Bundog – Lap Cap Freestyle


On 4.6.2021. Bundog surprised his fans with an edgy freestyle called Lap Cap that The Blue Feather’s Record dropped on their YouTube channel.

Bundog has introduced himself to the public, and now he is just slowly grinding his way to the top.

Pressa Armani’s older brother shares the same musical genes, and they are making a true rap brotherhood together.

With ” Lap Cap”, Bundog shows his true potential, and we see him as a lyrical mastermind. With a recognizable beat and some icy lyrics, the rapper is making a name for himself.

The rapper does not show his face in the music video, but he shows an old-school Jane and Finch vibe, making the older generations proud.

Bundog’s rap journey 

After ten years in prison, the rapper has been released and has started to pave his musical way.

He dropped his debut record “Bricks for the Low” in March 2021. After that, he dropped “True Story“, which has got more than 80k views.

With the release of the freestyle, the rapper shows consistency and pure effort.

We are still waiting for the collab of the true brothers, that will for sure be soon, and it will be out of this world.

Check out the rapper’s new song and music video above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Lamb’ trucks in the city, the windows, they be tinted

When you see me in the Fishbowl, it was the only time it was rentеd

I’m sliding with them hitters, squad is full of killers

Lost his lifе on the Jane, but I thought he was a driller (Nah)

He claim to be a slime, he claim to be a sav’ (Sav’).”