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Dejourr – Man Down




On 9.10.2021, Dejourr dropped a music video for his new single “ Man down” on his YouTube channel.

The visuals for the music video are movie-like, and they deserve way more views than what they are at right now.

Dejourr drops solid and fun rhymes and runs the flow skillfully; no one can deny that.

He is sure that he is destined to do this, and we can feel the energy through the screen.

Dejourr has got all it takes to go big, only if he keeps up with these cool releases.

The young rapper promises even more effort in 2020 if his fans support him through the journey.

In the video, we see someone wearing a T-shirt with an “ Anti-social social club” sign, which is a well-known street brand.

Many rappers like Kayne and Travis Scoot supported this brand, and many Toronto rappers love it too.

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The Toronto rapper started his career six months ago, and he already has five songs behind him.

This impressive young rapper has been grinding in 2021, releasing single after single.

He doesn’t plan to stop because consistency is key when you are new in the game.

He plans on releasing a new song soon,” Bentley Truck,” and  Dejourr already teased the visuals on his IG profile.

Check out the music video for “ Man Down” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“ain’t leaving trace, I’m stepping outside of 10

racks in the same round, just on curfew, the road 

ain’t safe”.