J Neat – Get Dem Rackz


The young rapper sent a gift to his fans, the fresh new music video for the song “Get dem Rackz”. The video premiered on Blue Feathers Records YouTube channel on 8.5.2021.

The music video directed by KP Productions has been viewed more than 21,000 times.

The song is a part of the rappers’ deluxe version of the album “Lost Soul”.

The deluxe version has 17 songs in total.

The flashy and vibrant music video complements the dope song perfectly. J Neat is seen in the music video spitting his rhymes kind of effortlessly. Kavin Roberts from KP Productions and J Neat made a great team for this one.


Javell Barnes, known by his stage name J Neat is a real refreshment to the music scene, with his sick bars and playful tunes. He is definitely Toronto’s breakthrough artist, but he is striving towards world fame.

He says that his late friend and rapper Houdini introduced him to the international stage.

The rapper says his biggest banger is “Meds”, but he puts a lot of love in all his songs. He says his biggest inspiration are his friends and the hood, and when he started doing freestyles, he knew that he was going to make it one day.

After a successful album, Javell is planning on touring the USA and meeting his growing fandom.

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Quotable lyrics:

“We get up close that’s mayday

Fuck all my apps, it’s either them

Only headshots we ain’t playing fair

Diamonds they dance chandelier

I could see a real nigga in thе mirror

I lost my cro I shed a tear”