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Y$M Swagg – Can’t Wait ft. Dehz Mason

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On 19.6.2021. Y$M Swagg and Dehz Mason dropped a music video for “Can’t Wait” on the Real Hits Global YouTube channel.

The tune kind of starts slowly, and we get a sad vibe, but then Swagg takes the stage, and his energy reminds us of Juice Wrld.

Y$M Swagg strats the song off, but Dehz Mason finishes it off with his fast rapping and playful bars.

We just can’t keep up with Dehz; he is so fast, but he doesn’t mumble, and his bars make a lot of sense when you listen to them a couple of times.

If you are up for something different in the hip-hop genre, don’t skip this video.

Swagg and Dehz did an amazing job on this one, and they took us back to the time where real bars were sufficient for a hit song.

The dope visuals have already surpassed 20K views, which is a success for these new artists.

Swagg thanked his crowd for their support with a message:” Appreciate the love we receive, keep running it up I promise we ain’t done yet.”

The message he left on his IG post probably teased future collaborations from these two artists.

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Check out Y$M Swagg’s new collaboration with Dehz Mason above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think “Can’t Wait” has the potential to become a hit.

Quotable lyrics:

“Niggaz doing everything like me, still not doing 

just like me, start shit with the don aside me,

probably came to this house, tryna do the right , then I

spire lee, fight shit, had to switch the lane on a niggaz,

i had ajust chains on a niggaz”.