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Eli Fross – Menace ft. Fredo Bang

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Menace is dropping out music video from Eli Fross and Fredo Bang

A new video for the song Menace was released on Eli Fross’s official YouTube channel on June 1, 2022. This video Eli Fross worked on in collaboration with the fantastic Fredo Bang.

In just 2 weeks, the video was watched by over 170,000 people.

On his Instagram profile, which has over 155,000 followers, he announced that the video had come out and that they must watch the entire video.

This rising young artist was the target of all media only a year ago. In 2021, he was arrested for attempted murder. After a year, Eli Fross is recording and making great collaborations like this one, and what happened to him is used as motivation and inspiration to create more new videos.

The young talented rapper never ceases to impress the public. He has released about 10 new songs this year, and some, like Steppas Freestyle with Sleepy Hallow, have nearly 2 million views.

Menace will surely be one of the top hits for this summer. High-quality video production stands out in the foreground of the video for Menace. At the beginning of the video, shots from Eli’s camera alternate with footage from a house party. The rappers have chosen many handsome girls with attractive looks who appear in the video. The look and dance of the girls from the video especially attracted the attention of the audience, who reacted to them with numerous comments.

This song is entirely inspired by his life and some events from the past. Contemporary visual graphics evoke the text and draw some essential elements through the music.

Fredo Bang contributed with his voice that this song sounds very tempting even on the first listen. Their voices played great in this melancholic melody and text.

Fredo Bang has collaborated with several famous rappers this summer, so we can listen to him in many hits that are current this summer.

When the song went public, he released a short video and addressed his fans to comment on the new video as much as possible. On his Instagram profile, where over 155,000 fans follow him, there were numerous comments, but most were cheerful and optimistic. In the post’s comments, we can also see the comment of Jay-Bezzy, a famous rapper. Jay Bezzy wrote: Winners circle summer.

Check out this perfect blend of two successful and talented rappers who delighted the audience with this fantastic song. If you subscribe to Eli Fros YouTube official channel, you will be able to see his new songs. More than 70,000 followers already follow his channel.

Read part of the text of this summer hit below:

Uh, and please, don’t talk about shooters (Uh)
‘Causе all of my shooters is clutch
Are you dumb? Bettеr run
Uh, you know that we shootin’ for fun
You know that this clip hold thirty, so thirty gon’ come out my gun (Ayy, ayy, ayy)

We spin your block like three deep, send shots, put a opp ni**a on a T.V., ayy
Put a opp ni**a in PC, free all my guys at the Rock makin’ movies, ayy
Even John Cena can’t see me