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Lil Kee – What You Sayin ft. Lil Baby

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Lil Kee and Lil Baby collab on the new song – What You Sayin

Over 2,400,000 views and 79,000 likes have the new song Lil Kee and Lil Baby in just 10 days since the video for this song was released. What You Sayin is the title of a song released on Lil Kee’s YouTube channel.

The number of views for this single is increasing with incredible speed, as also the reactions of people to this song.

The great collaboration between the two successful rappers brought this very emotional single. The inspiration for this song, as well as some other pieces published by Lil Kee, comes from the death of his brother. This tragedy that happened to him prompted him to bring all the emotions that he hides in himself to the surface and show them in the song. This is exactly why his audience recognized the feeling and was delighted with the music.

Letter 2 My Brother is a song just dedicated to his brother. The songs “Automatic” and “Outta Pocket” are a continuation of this story and talk about how Lil Kee copes with suffering, but that this did not help him get over the loss of his brother. Lil Kee also continues to show and interpret this emotion in other pieces.

In an interview, Lil Kee said that every song he writes is imbued with some feelings about his brother. He also said that it is not so crucial for him that the pieces are happy but that the audience recognizes that he wants to show his feelings of suffering, anger, and even revenge. His emotions are supported by a melancholy piano melody in the introduction to the song.

Lil Baby, in combination with Lil Kee, additionally arouses Lil Kee’s feelings in the audience, which, judging by the comments of the audience, few can succeed. Lil Baby’s voice and interpretation took this song to the next level.

Lil Kee and Lil Baby made a video with the highest quality scenography, production, and editing. Every time Lil Kee releases a new song, she pushes the boundaries of quality in all areas and never disappoints her audience.

The audience praised the incredible combination of these two artists with numerous comments from all platforms and social networks, but many also recognized themselves in this emotional story. The comments also include words like: This man is a huge inspiration to me, one day, we are gonna do a song together. Comments like this say rappers are doing the right thing.

Be sure to watch this video which is worth watching, and feel this emotion brought by Lil Kee and Lil Baby. If you subscribe to this young artist’s YouTube channel, you can follow all the newspapers and what new songs he is releasing.

Read part of the lyrics of this great song below:

Ain’t no way you ‘posed to leave, God can’t do this shit to me
I just wanna sleep forever, only time I see you in my dreams
I just wanna creep forever, wanna be my dog, come spin with me
Ain’t no loyalty up in this shit, when you die, what you gon’ bring?