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Trapland Pat – Astronaut Status ft. Fredo Bang

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ASTRONAUT STATUS – New single from Trapland Pat Ft Fredo Bang is out now!

The new video for the song Astronaut Status was released 7 days ago on Fredo Bang’s official YouTube channel and already has over 200,000 views and over 9,000 likes on the video. The song was released on June 9, 2022, and has already set the audience on fire.

Astronaut Status is one of 18 tracks on his new project called Trapnificent. In his latest project, he included big names and made an unprecedented collaboration with artists such as Eli Fross Fredo Bang, BIG30 and Mozzy. You can also listen to the new album on the Spotify platform, where all the songs are located.

This song is the first collaboration between these two rappers; judging by the reactions, people did very well with this song. Trapland Pat, in the song, describes who he was before becoming famous, but that his rise will not stop here. If you like motivational songs, this is the right one.

The team that worked on filming for this video is top-notch. Listeners praised every element of the video for the song Astronaut Status. The video was directed by Jolo and produced by @Pepperjackzoe. This fantastic duet brought a hit not only on this album but on the internet in general. The video is of the best quality, where the rappers told their story surrounded by expensive scenography, changing the locations where the video is recorded.

Since the song Astronaut Status came out on all platforms, new reaction videos have appeared on YouTube daily. In almost all video reactions, people started playing and commented that this melody did not come out of their heads. Most bloggers who recorded video reactions to Astronaut Status said that they would rate this song 10/10.

The voices of these two rappers sound great, especially in combination with the gentle backing vocals that we can hear in the background.

When the video was released on the YouTube channel, Fredo Bang posted part of the video on his Instagram profile. If you want to follow more news and interesting facts from Fredo’s life, follow him on Instagram and stay up to date with over 2 million of his followers,

Be sure to watch the video, write comments and share Astronaut Status. We hope there will be many more hits like this because their first collaboration on this project showed how great they play. Enjoy listening to the whole album because judging by the audience’s comments, June is the month for Trapland Pat! His entire Astronaut Staus song will surely take its place on your playlist.

Read a part of the lyrics below:

Astronaut status, your plug don’t have this
Trap house swingin’, they gon’ hurry up and grab this
I’m all in West Palm catchin’ plays on Clematis
Just threw me back a jiggy, I don’t need no damn Cialis
Shiftin’ with a compass, I don’t need no damn coordinates
I see it and I don’t up and bust it without that fortunate