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Marlo – Chris Rock

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Marlo releases a new video for the song Chris Rock

Marlo’s new video is out on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel. The visual for the song Chris Rock premiered on July 4, 2022. In a few days, the song was watched by over 73 thousand people who left a lot of great comments on this sound. Marlo made an energetic and high-quality video that slowly gained more and more popularity in a short time.

In cooperation with Tre.Shoots, Marlo created a dynamic visual with an interesting text that immediately caught the audience’s attention. Inspired by the event at the Oscars, Marlo wrote a text where he mentions Chris Rock. In addition to this name, the rapper also mentions Lady Gaga and her song Poker Face interestingly.

The visual is one energetic vibe where Marlo has gathered with his masked crew that is moving to his strong rhymes. Marlo hid his identity by wearing a mask where only the eyes were visible. In some scenes, the rapper completely hides his identity where, in addition to the mask, he also wears glasses.

In the background, we can hear chords that are repeated in time. As Marlo hits the lyrics hard in the background, a beautiful high voice of a female backing vocalist can be heard softening this hard and strong sound.

Scenes change to several locations. We can see how Marlo, in the company of an attractive girl, is in an apartment with his  playing chess. These scenes alternate with driving around town and scenes of him rapping with his partners in the moonlight. Visual is a very high-quality content where we can see what a luxurious life and an average life looks like. Through this visual, the artist showed us two sides.

Marlo decided to attract the audience’s attention with his song and lyrics, not with his identity. The audience reacted well to the song, and in the comments below the video, we can read a lot of positive comments such as This is the one brother, only you are in control of how far you go now! BANGER!! Or This is one of those tracks we all keep coming back to.

Marlo caught the audience’s attention with the video’s title and showed how creative he is through his good and powerful song lyrics.

Marlo has a very pleasant and melodic voice that comes to the fore in these simple tunes and blends well with the background vocals.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch this visual, click on the link below and watch the visual for the song Chris Rock. Write in the comments how you like the lyrics of the song. If you are interested in what is new that this creative, talented artist will present to the audience, then visit the official GRM Daily channel, where we can expect more new music projects.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Cuh them boy there funny like Chris Rock
You can hit us up if you want a Chris Rock
Don’t only see these streets through TikTok
One phone call will get a man switched up