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Moula 1st – Overall

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Overall is out! Moula 1st drops out a new video!

On May 1, 2022, the video for Overall by Moula 1st was finally released on the official YouTube channel Revenge Academy.

In this short time, the video was watched by more than 64,000 people. Fans left a lot of comments below the video.

After 12 years of this famous rapper on the music scene, his first name is still unknown, so everyone recognizes him by his stage name Moula 1st. The last song he released and recorded a video for this single completely delighted the audience, which always gets a new hit from him.

Moula 1st was born in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. This part is one of the most violent neighborhoods in Toronto. Violent in Rexdale influenced the creation of his song and the text of the song that speaks about it. 

The song alternates between two ways of rap. The harder rap expresses his anger and rage and is accompanied by fantastic video effects that Moula 1st century is surrounded by. As his emotions change, the video effects change color from red to blue. His eye color changes in the same way. They are a great match visual display with what we hear. 

In this song, at the beginning of the video, the rapper announced his performance at a spectacular event. It is about the Rolling Loud Festival, held from September 9 to 11, 2022, in Toronto. Moula 1 performs on the first night to the great delight of his audience. In the first video frame for the song Overall, a beautiful girl appears wearing a sweater with the inscription Rolling Loud, which is a fantastic way for the rapper to announce the upcoming spectacular event.

On his Twitter, you can see not only the entire content of the festival but also numerous tweets and positive reactions from the audience who can’t wait to hear him at this prestigious festival. The rapper is very active on Twitter and has over 15,000 tweets. On all social networks, the comments after this song are mainly related to his performance at Rolling Loud or quoting the lyrics of his songs.

This young artist with a great career is not only successful in rap but is publicly known as a producer. Moula 1 st publishes most of its videos on the YouTube channel Revenge Academy, but I also have my own YouTube channel. If you want to follow his work, you can follow him on the TikTok social network, where the rapper announces current events and his new songs.

In addition to his songs, he has excellent collaborations with other rappers such as Osama, Duvi, and Pila B. Recognizable singles “Function” and “Wake Up” from horror movies were made by this rapper.

Check out his music video for the song Overall, and leave a comment as you like. You will surely listen to this song on repeat. Listening Overall will be great preparation for his performance at Rolling Loud, which you will enjoy to the fullest.