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G Body Releases Music Video for Forest

Toronto artist G Body has dropped the music video for his single “Forest”. This track is the leading song off of his project “City of Dale”, letting the world see his artistry in full form when combined with the music video. Straightway the song is sure to capture your attention, with the depth of G Body’s lyricism and songwriting on full display throughout. Truly a landmark for the rapper, “Forest” is a superb track from the young artist.

G Body spent his youth in the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto. A unique place in the city, the area is a contrast of radically different social classes. Together with high value mansions, you could also see rehab clinics. Beside heroin addicts would walk Buddhist monks. Known as the “King of Parkdale”, G Body is a pure representation of the duality of this area. 

Beginning to release music on streaming services around 2018, the rapper has been working non-stop. His first song “Trapical” immediately laid the groundwork for what would become G Body’s signature style. The synthesizers and heavy drums let the artist flow easily, with G’s hard-hitting bars creating one hell of a banger. But this was only the start.

Taking inspiration from greats such as DMX and 50 Cent, G Body found his talent for lyricism at a young age. In addition, his tone of voice and flair combine to form an absolutely individualistic take on the genre. This talent for creating one-of-a-kind songs is exemplified well on “ The Forest”.

G Body Forest
G Body – Forest

Grew Up Trapping

Produced by Beyoung, the foundation of the track is built on a soulful guitar sample. A subtle lead line plays over the chords, as the 808 and percussions smash throughout the track. G Body’s fantastic song sense builds a solid hook as the record opens up. “Run, told’em run forest run” is the first line, building a double meaning with the classic movie and the treacherous forest of G Body’s youth. Following the first chorus, G lets loose with an incredible verse on the hard times of street life and growing up in the trap lifestyle. The timbre of voice he chooses creates a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy, as well as a deep understanding of the pain of his past. Altogether a thoroughly affecting record.

Directed by Sauarchie and Zain, the former also starring in the video, the visual takes a narrative approach. Written by G Body himself, the story depicts him and his lover meeting up in a pizza joint. There, the duo begin to form the plot for a big score. On his way to the mission, G Body is pulled over by police where they find enough to arrest the rapper. Shortly after 3 months in prison, he is released and with his lover commit their originally planned robbery. G Boyd’s narration is present throughout the video, creating a dramatic and entertaining experience.

G Body is on Instagram, where he posts photos of his studio sessions as well as candid photos and interviews. “Forest” is out on all platforms right now, with the whole “City of Dale” LP being well worth your time. Check it out!