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TAAYLEE G. – Certified Finessa

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TaayLee G’s Back and She’s a Certified Finessa

Taaylee G says to put it on her name because she’s a Certified Finessa, in her new single released on September 2, 2022, on YouTube. Taaylee G is a Toronto rapper from Canada. She came onto the music scene in 2021 when she released her rendition of Life’s Good // Designated Lipgloss on YouTube, which currently has over 40K views. Since then, a lot has changed for the young female rapper as she was signed to Shoeboxmusicgroup and gave birth to twins. However, the birth of her twins didn’t stop her from coming back onto the music scene to reclaim her identity as a certified finessa, with her new single linked above.

She Puts the G in Tayylee G 

Taaylee G doesn’t “settle for some regular s***” in her new single, as Certified Finessa already has over 50K views on YouTube. Making this song one of the highest viewed music videos on her page. In this song, Taaylee G understands her value as a woman and her worth as an artist because she implies that she provides for herself and doesn’t need a man to support her, making this song relatable to young women. With that said, Taaylee G implies that she worked hard to achieve her current status as an artist when she says, “sitting around the hood feeling crummy, life is getting lovely.” With this bar, she indicts that she wasn’t in a position of wealth once before but has come to achieve success now, acting as an inspiration for all young women listening. All in all, Certified Finessa, has a West Coast style and flow with a splash of City Girls sound, making this song free, fun, and fresh.

TAAYLEE-G Certified Finessa

TAAYLEE-G – Certified Finessa

Still Got It

The music video for Certified Finessa was shot and directed by Charlton Visuals and Produced by Ahiklo. They both did a great job of capturing the West Coast vibes of this song and portraying it through the music video. In the music video, we see Taaylee G driving through the city of Toronto in an old-time convertible as it suspense up and down the street while other old-time convertibles follow her around like a mob. The way Certified Finessa is captured parallels Still D.R.E by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, who are both artists from the West Coast. Therefore, while the song’s lyrics give a feel for West Coast flow, the style of the music video captures the same essence, allowing listeners to feel a sense of nostalgia for the classic Dr. Dre while rendering a modern perspective. 

Overall, Certified Finessa is a unique and tasteful song that appeals to both male and female listeners. Regardless of your gender, Taaylee G is a real one, just as the single proves when she says, “you can ask the gang, I never change, I’m a real one.” Give this song a listen by clicking the YouTube video linked above and make sure to give her a follow on Instagram.