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Moula 1st – 19

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Moula 1st Drops “19”

Toronto rapper/producer Moula 1st has dropped the music video for his latest single “19”. Destructive reese bass and synthesizer work create the landscape for Moula’s untouchable style. Certainly hard at work with his craft, Moula has been dropping legendary songs for the past several months now. An undeniable voice of the 6ix, Moula’s latest effort “19” is one you simply must tap into.

Steadily increasing his reputation in Toronto, Moula 1st has been putting out hip-hop music as early as six years ago. Firstly dropping hitters like “Friend of Mine” and “Just be Yourself” on SoundCloud, the artist amassed thousands of plays on these initial outings. Presently, Moula now commands a vast catalog of fantastic music. Popular tracks like “Tiger Blood 2”, “Bad News”, and “Plottin’” all have gained hundreds of thousands of listens on the major streaming platforms. 

Frequently taking on the role of both artist and producer in his music, Moula 1st seems to have unlimited versatility and creativity when it comes to hip-hop. “19” is no exception, the massive sound of the record representing yet another level up for the already well-established rapper. Take a look at the music video and see exactly what we’re talking about.

Moula 1st 19
Moula 1st – 19

Putting the “I” in “Team”

Production on this tune comes with Moula 1st’s signature heavy style. A sample of dramatic orchestral violins is processed and chopped into a futuristic and powerful sound. Throughout the track, a deep reese bass holds down the bottom end while a trumpet lead line keeps increasing the energy as Moula 1st spits. With a spacious approach to rap, Moula’s bars are ripe with punchlines and captivating energy. “I swear your ass must be confused, I got one that looks like you, guess I’m going to have to choose”. His playfulness is on full display from the opening lines “I think I’m sick achoo achoo”.

Video direction comes from New Wave Visuals, who imbues the vid with a sense of luxury. Shot mostly in an aircraft hanger, snow falls down hard just outside as Moula performs his song. Moving with confidence and style around a propeller airplane, the rapper gives the impression that this is just another day for him. Afterward, a model sits on his lap inside the plane. The neon pink lights of the interior add to the vibe, with transition effects of a snowstorm hopping between shots. Altogether, Moula 1st’s swagger in the video is undeniable.

You can catch up with Moula 1st on Instagram, where he always seems to be matching the epic style showcased in this video. “19” is out now on all platforms, we definitely recommend you check out this hot new banger.