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Genie, A Music Producer Out Of Mississauga

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Producer Spotlight: Genie

It’s no secret that music producers are getting younger and younger. With access to the tools of the trade becoming more readily available, the youth can easily begin to hone their craft and become production powerhouses at a young age. Such is the case for the young producer we are spotlighting today, Genie. With already massive placements at just 16 years old, Genie’s rise in the hip-hop scene is something you need to keep your eyes on.

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Genie was raised to a well-meaning and supportive family in south-eastern Canada. While they didn’t understand his ambitions at first, they nonetheless had the back of the young producer as he grew up. 

His first beats were made just for the fun of it with his friend Hocus. Using Garageband as his tool of trade, Genie began to cook up seriously in February of 2020. Adopting a dark hip-hop style, his high-hat fills and subby 808s create a deadly combination in everything he produces. Genie mentions he takes heavy influence from Murda Beatz, which can easily be seen in his instrumentals, because “he was [a producer] born in Canada that found a way to take over the global rap production game”.

Genie mentions that his first big success was producing a song for the rapper coldheartedsavage called “Mind In the Gutter”. The track has a fantastic and floaty stratocaster guitar sample, with a massive bass holding the song down. Genie’s signature high-hats pop off in the left channel as coldheartedsavage absolutely digs into the song. Currently holding 40,000 views on YouTube, the track is definitely a heater and highlight in the young producer’s discography.


From the Underground to the Mainstream

Holding placements with extremely popular artists, Genie is well on his way to taking over the global rap production game himself. Take for example his track with Bobby Shmurda “Gwalla”. The dark piano line forms the backdrop for some absolutely killer bars by Mr.Shmurda. EQ sweeps and sick drop outs of the beat make a dope bed for the LouGotCash feature, which also goes super hard. The Lil Jairmy track “On Me” is another heavy hitter for Genie. His quintessentially ice-cold high-hats snap as the artist flows on the track. The real highlight for this one is the Future feature, marking the largest rapper on a Genie beat so far.

Genie is currently continuing to hone his craft, with each song he releases surpassing the last easily. Check out his Instagram to stay locked in to this young producer’s come-up. Genie continues to do music today out of his love for hip-hop and because “it’s a great source of income for only being 16”.