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You can’t talk of rap lyricists without talking about Duvy. Well, here is one of Duvy’s great lyrics brought to life by yours and only Duvy.

At his 20s Duvy is shaking the Canadian music industry with his exquisite content delivery. His content delivery is phenomenon, the artistic way in which he marries the lines with vocals and instrumentals is amazing. His lyrics have nice rhyme that, marries well with his rap talent. If you are a great fan of rap, you should check out his song

Duvy is an upcoming rapper born in Canada. He features in the Hip pop rap genre. Duvy came to limelight after his amazing hit songs like Shlime Talk, Nightmarez, Pain Freestyle, 2sides Of Me, among others.  His rise to the top chart Pop music has been a talk of many, and he is gaining public appeal to many, with his YouTube upload videos being viewed in millions.

Duvy’s Shlime Talk song has attracted and since its upload on YouTube, the video has received over. This song has been credited for the lyrics and style used to ensure a great rhyme, that does not only entertain but communicates too.  The song Shlime talk by Duvy is a KR production released in 2019 and is still shaking the waves in the Rap industry. You should watch it.

Check out the rhythm of the lyrics in this stanza;
I know that the feds watching / Too many red eye /Slime give me a high five/Been on the block smoke dead guys / Spin olive, yea suit and tie / Beamer got hot, bro got the drop / Penny / pinchin’ yea they watchin’ / Henny party get hypnotic / In party tweakin’ she be hulk/…