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Roney – All I Want For Christmas




On 22.12.2021. Roney dropped a music video for his “All I Want For Christmas” remix on his YouTube channel.

Roney animated himself into the video and jumped on the beat instantly. The track is a different combination, but Roney managed to create it in his own style.

 Roney started rapping when he was 17, but he has come a long way since his first songs. He has a lot of diverse songs, but he kind of has his own vibe, which can be noticed in every song.

Roney is usually known for serious bars; his last album, “P.A.I.N.”, was his biggest masterpiece. 

The album is a true emotional rollercoaster, where Roney’s pen game is unmatched.

However, he wanted to add a playful tone for the holidays to his music career with the new song. We definitely did not expect this rap/ Christmas song from this artist, but it is fantastic to hear something new.

The vibe of the song is gorgeous, and if you are up for something fun for the holidays, then check out this song. The rapper sends positive vibes to his growing fandom during the holidays.

The rapper even added a tribute to his mom, who passed away, and that adds a whole new level of emotions.

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Check out the music video for “All I Want For Christmas” by Roney above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“I might slide on the blocks,

that beam like red dot,

let him up like rudolph,

slide through like Santa Clause,

red suit with a hat on, give wrapping

up a live bomb.”