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DTBeats, The Producer From Mississauga

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Producer Spotlight: DTBeats

The wonderful thing about hip-hop is there are so many elements of the scene that you can gravitate towards. Music videos, lyricism, live shows, record collecting, and more are all sides of this world that could bring you in. But those that fall in love in production carry that love with them their entire lives, becoming a part of who they are. For DTBeats, production is something they found early on and intend to put their life toward from now onward.

Growing up in Mississauga, DTBeats’ parents were often away from home working, but he considers himself lucky that between them and his sister he had a very close family. His parents were always playing arabic music in the house and the car, while he and his siblings would listen to hip-hop and R&B. A broad mixture of genres surrounded his early life, with DT crediting this exposure to this wide array of sounds to make him the versatile producer he is today.

But it wasn’t just through music that DT took his influence. In fact, he considers the biggest inspiration in his life to be Kobe Bryant. Playing basketball before he ever started producing, watching Kobe take his craft as seriously as he did inspired DT to give 200% to everything that he applied himself to. 


The Move to Music

2017 marked a big shift in focus for the young artist, this was the year he was cut from his grade 11 basketball team. With the newfound time on his hands, DTBeats began to immerse himself in YouTube videos about music production. Taking lessons from the likes of Metro Boomin and Nav, DT started creating beats on his own and growing into his style.

This year has been something of an explosive success for the young artist, in his own words it seems to have been “level up after level up”. Getting to work with some of his ideal artists in Canada and the States, DT has been dropping excellent projects with talents such as C-Money, Shriv, Da Crook , and NORTHFACETAY with even more records on the way. “I made sure to forget all my plan B’s” the producer says, focusing on what he loves makes him feel like he’s “doing what he was put here to do”. DTBeats wants to change the way that producers look at things, saying it’s not just about selling the artist and producers need “to market themselves just as much”.

If you listen to DTBeats’ work, you will find common elements in his talents for sample selection as well as his creative high hat patterns. The melodies he contributes himself to a track absolutely smack, giving the artists plenty of room to do their thing without sacrificing his own style.

You can check out DTBeats’ Instagram if you want to peep the new songs he is working on and moves he is making, the producer always seeming to be cooking up something fresh. His latest track “REALEST ” with NORTHFACETAY is out now on all platforms, check it out to get a taste of this fantastic young producer.