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Golde London, Hottest Female Rapper From Toronto

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Nickname: Golde London / Queen Londo

Real name: Not known

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Golde London is a breakthrough rapper from Toronto, Canada, who is finally getting the flowers she deserves.

Golde London says she has started rapping very young since she was 13 years old.

She was a part of a group for some time, and her first music video, “Shadows,” was released in 2010.

She went silent for some time because of the birth of her song, but she says she never quit music; she was still writing bars. For some time, she was running her own business, “ The London Bridge Collection.”

She soon released a freestyle called “ Walk,” but her breakthrough hit was definitely “ Woah” in 2020.

“Woah” had around 40K views, but the song was soon taken off the throne with her new hit “ Born To Win.”

Golde London showed her lyrical skills and mad energy in the song and then released a new single, “ Lit Chick.”

She got a lot of positive comments about her bars and her performance, and she has definitely raised the bar for female Toronto rappers.

The music video for “ Commando” broke all of her records so far, and it is considered a masterpiece.

Her flow and delivery on the track are a pure reflection of her growth as an artist, and we love it.

For the end of the year, she dropped a collaboration with Gizzle Star Made called “ How Can I,” and it did much better than their first collaboration.

Their first joint song is called “ Trapaholic,” and it has around 22K views, but “ How Can I” reflects their true potential and growth.

We are hoping that Golde will drop another collaboration soon, possibly with a female artist.

Check out the music video for “ Commando” below on this page & follow her on instagram:

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