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Ard Adz – Patek Myself

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Ard Adz drops out a new visual for the song Patek Myself

The premiere of the new visual for the song by Ard Adz, Patek Myself was on May 19, 2022. In just under two months since this song has been on YouTube, the visual has been viewed by almost half a million people. Ard Adz’s new visual is on GRM Daily’s official YouTube channel. The song delighted the audience and became very popular.

Ard Adz, a UK talent artist, did a visual with Kye Taliana. This video is a representative example of simplicity, where Ard Adz and his team wanted to highlight this song’s other qualities. The visual for the song Patek Myself proves that the audience likes to listen to good music and that it is not crucial whether the video will feature some dangerous team. In this video, you will enjoy watching black and white shots alternating with colourful shots. Throughout the entire video, in addition to the music, you will also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.

The music of this song is matched with the painful lyrics. The chords in the piano are repeated in a lighter rhythm, and all the focus is on the text. This song is just one more confirmation of why Ard Adz has such a large audience.

The song Patek Myself on the Spotify platform has over 180 streams, while the rapper’s music is listened to by almost 300 thousand people on this platform every month. The song is becoming increasingly popular on other platforms, so this fantastic sound is actively creating new video content on TikTok.

Last year this talented rapper released two big projects that went well with the audience. Namely, the brutal visual for the song Full Throttle has over 2 million views. The first song of 74 Bars of Pain was a great success. In recent months, the artist has been working hard on his music, so he released several songs and all the songs were well listened to.

Before releasing the visual, Ard Adz has his first NFT post on the Opulous app. The rapper also announced this success to his followers on his Instagram profile.

The rapper promotes his music daily on his Instagram profile, which has over 208 thousand followers. In recent days, he has often published live acoustic versions of songs. In addition, we can also see interesting photos of the rapper walking a baby in a stroller. Follow him on this platform and enjoy their content.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the video for the song Petek Myself, click on the link below. Please write in the comments how you like this visual and what is your favourite Ard Adz song. If you want to follow his music, we recommend looking at the GRM Daily profile, where the rapper has published most of his songs.

Read the lyrics below:

Went to check Akh, I stand wrong and correct myself
I lost the love and the respect as well
The doc said I should respect my health
They hear me on these beats