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Golde London – Commando





On 7.6.2021. one of the rising Toronto female artists, Golde, dropped a song and a music video for ” Commando” on her YouTube channel.

Golde is taking her career one step further with an icy song celebrating female empowerment and true grinding.

The young rapper is breaking the stereotype that Toronto girls ain’t IT with a song that could literary blow up her career. Many say that if an artist from the USA does a remix of this song, it will lite her career.

88Everything directed the music video, and the visuals are insane. The beautiful rapper can be seen dancing, spitting bars and waving to her haters- which are her main motivation.

She says that she challenged her inner alter ego as Black Widow, and we are all for it!

Many don’t know that Golde was a dancer back in the day, so this video is a perfect mix of her talents- fierce dancing and rapping. This girl just does it all, and she states that nothing can stop her.

Golde’s Music

In 2018 Golde dropped ” Juicy,” which was her breakthrough song.

Her most successful songs so far are ” Born To Win” and ” Lit Chick.”

Golde dropped ” Lit Chick” two months ago, and it has over 60k views on YouTube.

She is also good friends with Gizzle Starr Made, and they often hype each other up on their Instagram profiles.

If we get a collab from these two, it will definitely be nothing less than iconic.

Check out Golde’s new music video above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

” Bitch I am your leader,

you hoes bottom feeders,

bitches hated Golde,

now they wanna be her,

My thoughts getting deeper,

rap game in the sleeper,

bitches get inspired,

and pretend like they don’t see her.”