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Kash Boy – Takeoff

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On 22.1.2022. Kash Boy dropped the music video for his new track “ Takeoff” on his YouTube channel.

People need to stop sleeping on Kash Boy because he makes bangers after bangers, and “ Takeoff” is no exception.

We can see the rapper in the music video throwing mad bars and flexing in the studio. He says in the video that he ain’t got no shit to prove, and we are all for it.

He is cool in the music video, the vibe is chill, and we love how his wordplay is getting better and better. Kash always has a cool atmosphere on the set, and that is why many love listening to him.

Who is Kash Boy?

Kash Boy is known for his songs “Slide”, “401”, and “Basement” which he released in 2020 and 2021. We can see the progress from his first singles to “Takeoff” and we hope he has a lot on his plate in 2022.

Kash hasn’t been consistent with his releases, but he gets positive comments every time he puts out something new.

If you want to support a young artist who is about to blow up soon, don’t miss out on his new track, “ Takeoff.” It has everything you need, from a dope vibe, cool aesthetics to great lyrics and a nice beat.

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Check out the music video for Kash Boy’s new song “ Takeoff” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Ass fine, she brings

that money from me, she is

full of knock offs, fake niggaz

but I still believe in the streets, you know

I cam up, came off from getting if of on the beat.”