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On 28.2.2022 KDFromThePack dropped the music video for his new song, “Free The Rage.” The song, produced by Kaddyx4, has dope visuals, and we can see the rapper flexing in the music video. Everything is on a high level, from the visuals to the flow, and we just vibe with it. The song is 10/10.

This first release “Free The Rage” has a title that is more symbolic as a movement than it is literal. It reflects the burning passion that all creatives have inside them whether it is art, music, fashion, or entertainment and journalism. By saying #FreeTheRage it is more of a movement to push creatives to let all their passion out into the world without holding back and allowing to world to feel the raw form of their art no matter what lane they are in.

Just like “rage”, sometimes it’s looked down upon for creatives to just let out their art freely without over thinking about how they might be judged. Also like “rage”, art still ends up being a form of therapy and a good thing when the artist finally embraces it and sets it free.

“Free the Rage” has a dope beat and some chill lyrics that go well with the atmosphere. KDFromThePack grinds hard, and his flow is getting better and better with every release. He sounds different and has his unique swag, which is what will make him stand out.

If you are looking for a fresh vibe, then you should definitely check out KDFromThePack, he is not new in the game, but he has started releasing top-notch songs. His fans say he has created a new wave in Toronto; what do you think?

KD has been making music for some time now, but he has come to the spotlight with his songs “No Hook” and “Bag.” Now he has stepped up his game, and “Free the Rage” is his best work so far.

We hope we will hear something new from this rapper soon, and we would like to see him play with his debut album. KDFromThePack is different, and we know he will do big things if he is consistent.

Follow the Toronto rapper on his IG profile below:

Check out the music video for “Free The Rage” above on this page, and leave a comment if you think the song is dope.

Quotable lyrics:

“Double R the label

you can see it printed on my clothes.

Really do it all,

they thinking I’ve been only selling flows.”