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Burna Bandz – Buzz City Freestyle

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On 26.1.2022. 6ixBuzz Tv dropped the music video for Burna Bandz’s – Buzz City Freestyle in their booth.

Burna Bandz went crazy on the beat, with dope bars and a confident aura throughout the song. We get a feeling that he just went into the booth, did his thing, and got out of it after two minutes without breaking a sweat.

Burna always has some dope lyrics for us in this pocket, and with this slow and easy freestyle, he proved that he could rock any vibe.

If you want to listen to something different, and you like Burna Bandz’s vibe, check out this freestyle today. The beat hits different, and Burna did an amazing job on it.

We hope we will get some more bars from him soon and that 2022 will be his year. Everybody is saying that the rapper is carrying Toronto on his back, and they are not completely wrong.

The freestyle reached 20k views, but we think it deserves a bit more. Freestyles are always hard and challenging, and we appreciate all rappers who give them a try.

6ixBuzz loves bringing new faces to the booth for us to see what they got, so don’t forget to check their channel out.

What artist do you want to see next in the booth? Comment underneath the video on YouTube.

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Check out Burna’s Buzz City Freestyle above on this page, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Quotable lyrics:

“ She just want to pop

first day in, jump on that dick

and ride like a freak, tape my sit

and go cash it in, money on his head 

let’s go cash it in; you gonna need more

than an aspirin.”