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KENZO – Leakers (Video)

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Check out the music video “Leakers” from Kenzo in collaboration with the @King Bee Productions.

Kenzo is here to spread his vibes in a new video produced by King Bee Productions. With his latest hit, “Leakers,” Kenzo is here to remind you that runtime doesn’t matter if you have something to say – and boy, he does say it. The song “Leakers” premiered on February 13, 2021, and up today, it’s racking more than 165k views on YouTube.

This great rapper doesn’t waste time to jump into the text and speak what’s inside his mind – memories, anger, and perseverance. He says it as it, while direction by @kingbeeproductions keeps the whole experience dynamic despite not much happening. The song “Leakers” is not the only one Kenzo did with them – another single they did together, and in collaboration with Lil is “RUN THE STREETS,” with over 376k views on YouTube.

Kenzo worked on his music hard, and some of the songs he released since he started his career are “Fake News,” “Ran It Up,” “Murda,” in collaboration with Lil BK and JRock. The song “Misery,” which was directed by @ChungShotit, he did in partnership with a fellow Toronto rapper – NH$ Jay Jay – who unfortunately passed away after being shot to death.

On December 4, 2020, Kenzo released a music video called “Dead Friends” in Jay Jay’s memory. Directed by @velamadeit, Kenzo is here to honor him and keep his legacy with this song they did in collaboration. With the hard-hitting lyrics, he’s just reliving those moments. Kenzo still has so much to show us, but he is on a great way to establish himself on the music scene as one of the best Toronto rappers.

Check out the music video “Leakers” above, make sure to follow Kenzo’s work, and stream his music on all available platforms.