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Pressa – Wassi Callin (Video)

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Check out the “Wassi Callin” video by Pressa, one of the best Toronto artists.

Make some noise for this outstanding Toronto superstar Pressa, who started his career in 2012 when he was only 16 years old. This incredible artist steadily gained popularity, but his fame kicked up high after he collaborated with Tory Lanez on the song called “Canada Goose,” released on December 8, 2017 – today racking over 22 million views on YouTube and many more streams on other streaming platforms.

“Wassi Callin” is a track from a 2017 mixtape called “Press Machine.” This album has 13 songs, from which the tune “She So Pretty” is the most famous song from the album. Although this project dropped out in 2017, Pressa got excellent reviews, and after kicking high in popularity later that year, his music became more viral.

His music shows what he went, and still goes, through in his life – and it perfectly describes how you can always find a way to turn stuff positive, no matter how negative they happen to be. His music is about the importance of making it through life and the streets, and this is why the audience loves his music with such powerful lyrics, to which they can relate.

Pressa is an independent and skillful artist, and his primary goal is to keep recording and working on music. His unique voice, incredible acting skills, and great music made him recognized in Toronto, and his audience thinks of him as one of the best rappers Toronto has nowadays. Maybe one day he’ll even become worldwide famous. Recently released “Gardner Express” and “Attachments,” featuring Taliban Glizzy, are also worth checking out.

Check out the video “Wassi Chillin” above, make sure to follow Pressa, and stream his music on all available platforms.