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Don Q – Experience ft. Icewear Vezzo

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Don Q drops out a new video feat Icewear Vezzo – Experience 

After 2 weeks since the release of the new song from Don Q in collaboration with Icewear Vezzo, it received numerous praises and delighted the audience. The piece was published on the official YouTube channel Don Q, and after a short time, it already has over half a million views and almost 10,000 likes on YouTube.

Starr Mazzi shot the video. The video is really of the highest quality, which can be seen on the first viewing of this video. Special scenography and production made it possible to recognize this video as a high-quality video. The melody is quite light and will surely creep into your head. It is perfectly mixed with the text and the hard story that Don Q presents here. Surrounded by luxury, attractive girls, these two young artists raised the quality standard of one video.

When the song was officially out, he addressed his followers on his Instagram profile with the following words: Experience out on YouTube and Apple Music; go tune in. Fans and other listeners supported him, as well as his fellow rappers.

Bloggers on YouTube these days are posting video reactions while watching the song. We can freely say that everyone reacted fantastically.

Delighted by the cooperation of these two rappers, the audience leaves more and more positive comments on the song and video daily. The song Experience is just a Don Q announcement for something to follow. 

These days we expect something new and spectacular from him. It is his new album which is symbolically called Corleone. The album consists of 13 songs. We can hear some more collaborations on some of the songs, such as A Boogie, Dream Doll, RovDi Lebel, Dusty Locane, and G Herbo. The release of this whole album is expected on June 24, just as the rapper announced on his Instagram profile.

Don Q has worked hard for his new album; We are sure this will be one of my favourite albums this summer.

We get innovation and refreshment from Icewear Vezzo via his Instagram profile. The latest news he shared with the fans is that he has new performances. He wrote: Kansas City, June 16 and Tampa, Florida, June 17. Fans are looking forward to more announcements like this.

Be sure to listen to the song, which is also the announcement for the new Don K album. While we are waiting for the album, this song threatens to become the biggest hit from the album, judging by the audience’s reaction in this short time.

Read below part of the lyrics of the song Experience:

That’s my bitch, she got a business, I punch all her inventory
My homie posted on the strip, you know we gotta grip this .40
If my soldier make a hit, just trust me, it ain’t Ricky Morty
I ain’t worried ’bout you rappin’ niggas, you ain’t that familiar
I get love from the trappin’ niggas ’cause I had experience