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N.R.M.N – Light Speed (Audio)

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N.R.M.N – Light Speed 

N.R.M.N dropped a new single, “Light Speed,” on 9. 12. 2021. and it’s amazing.

N.R.M.N is an emerging rapper from Mississauga, and he is slowly building his name and territory.

He is an artist with many talents, which we could hear in singles that he has released so far.

N.R.M.N has production, writing, and directing skills, creating unique projects and expressing his immense creativity.

The music and the style of rapping that can be heard in his tracks are greatly influenced by the old-school rap vibe.

“Light Speed” is the first single from the incoming EP titled “District 5,” which N.R.M.N plans to release in 2022.

The single was produced by IllInstrumentals, mixed and mastered by Beatsbyfelix.

“Light Speed” brings nostalgic samples and beats combined with the rapper’s steady and strong words flow.

N.R.M.N’s childhood love for street racing comes through the song, as he reminisces about the days when it used to play an important role in his life.

These references are reflected throughout its lyrics and instrumental composition, drawing you into the nostalgic feeling that the rapper wants to express.

Since the first single sounds very promising, we can’t wait to hear the upcoming EP.

Judging from his work so far, N.R.M.N aims only for the top quality, and he doesn’t plan to disappoint us.

Check out the song above and feel free to express your opinion about it in the comment section.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Made to shine, like a head light

Running through it, no break light

Sport centre on some highlights

I’m Zion Williamson, with the hang time.”