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OnPointLikeOP – Taxi ft. 917 Rackz

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March has just started, and we already have amazing videos on our must-watchlist, one of them is definitely “Taxi” by OnPointLikeOp and 917 Rackz.

The black and white music video matches the vibe of the song perfectly, but the flow took our breath. OnPointLikeOp and Rackz sound amazing together, they blend into each other’s styles perfectly, and we can hear the work they put in.

Op starts off the song with his brutal bars and gets us thinking he will own the song from start to finish. However, you can never undermine Rackz, whose delivery on this song is top-notch.

 The beat is a fantastic choice, and we love how they ride it like it is nothing; that is why we appreciate everything they put out. These two rappers sound amazing on their own, but it is great to see them develop their styles together and make great music.

At the end of the video, we can see the two rappers vibing and having fun on the set, which is exactly why they sound great together. Don’t miss out on this video if you want to hear some good bars and see wild chemistry.

Follow the two rappers on their IG profiles, if you don’t already:

Check out the music video for “Taxi” above on this page, and drop a comment if you are rocking with it.

Rackz also has a new song called “Anxiety” out, so don’t forget to check it out as well.

Quotable lyrics:

“Be talking till they on the poster,

whipping this rental, driving like a chauffeur,

never been a south pussy, sleeping on the

sofa, all of these guns, got a nigga cop chief

about a dozen.”